Owner & Managing Director: Jerry Pozniak



Jerry Pozniak

Owner & Managing Director, Jeeves of Belgravia, New York

Location: New York, NY


There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of being able to say that you’re the best at what you do. As the owner and managing director of Jeeves of Belgravia, New York, Jerry Pozniak is familiar with the feeling. Jeeves is the trusted destination for high end garment care.


Jerry has been called upon to work on projects for the Louvre, the Metropolitan Opera House and the Lincoln Center. His clients include no less than Vogue‘s Anna Wintour and a few angels – Victoria’s Secret angels that is. Victoria’s real secret is that each year, they host two back-to-back fashion shows in a day and Jerry, along with his team, are there to keep the angels’ wings (and knickers) immaculate and ready for the epic flight(s) down the runway.

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Founder & Creative Director: Maud Heline



Maud Heline

Founder & Creative Director, Maud Heline

Location: Brooklyn, NY


French designer Maud Heline, who worked with the likes of Isabel Marant, Balmain in Paris and Maiyet in New York, didn’t quite intend to start her own fashion line so soon. However, fate intervened and helped make her childhood dream a reality sooner than even she expected.


While working on her portfolio to find a design job, Maud received such great feedback on her shirt samples. She decided to send her look book to renowned retailers Barneys and Colette to see what they thought. Lo and behold, her designs were immediately snapped up by both boutiques, propelling Maud into her first production. It’s been non-stop since and this coming season marks the designer’s first collection of full looks.

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