Key to Success


Nadine Stoyanov’s key to success is a healthy balance of work and play. As the founder and CEO of Key of Aurora (KOA), Nadine is literally the key to a new dawn – she’s creating a new norm where the value of a product goes beyond its design and function, it extends to the story behind it and its maker. But off hours, Nadine faces the dawn differently – meeting the sunrise from the dance floor!

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Founder & CEO: Nadine Stoyanov


Nadine Stoyanov

Founder & CEO, Key of Aurora (KOA)

Location: Zurich, Switzerland


KOA is opening the doors to innovation. Founder and CEO, Nadine Stoyanov, has created the ultimate hub for exploring, discovering and buying pieces of art from across the whole spectrum of design and from across the whole world. More importantly, she’s created a venue where the principles behind these designs take center stage – showcasing products and companies that promote work conditions, material sourcing and production processes that are fair and ethical.


As Nadine puts it, “At KOA, we believe in good goods and the makers of these goods because these makers push the boundaries of what we know is possible.” And just like Nadine, we’re all for doing the impossible!

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