Yeah, Slow


“Slow down and dance with me” are not just famous lyrics Emiliana Torrini composed for Kylie Minogue’s chart topping album. For the singer, songwriter and record producer, there’s actually nothing like slowing down and slow dancing.


Creating her own life’s soundtrack, Emiliana has sworn to sing and play with anyone who calls on her to perform. Her self-made vow has led her to amazing adventures including gigs in Cordoba with gypsies, living room concert tours in Canada, and if only she could have it her way, singing (and dancing) in the rain with Gene Kelly.

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Singer & Songwriter: Emiliana Torrini



Emiliana Torrini

Singer, Songwriter & Record Producer

Location: Reykjavík, Iceland


Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and record producer Emiliana Torrini has worked with a wide range of artists from Kylie Minogue, to Thievery Corporation, to Gollum. You read that right, Gollum. The singer performed Gollum’s Song for Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – just one of the countless collaborations she’s done throughout her incredible 20 plus year career.


Emiliana is one of the rare unicorns in the music industry – attaining commercial success as an artist yet still able to enjoy the freedom of anonymity, walking down the street without much fanfare and she’s more than happy to keep it that way. While producing, singing and touring extensively throughout her early career, Emiliana has slowed down and made the conscious effort to balance her personal life with the high notes of her professional life. Yet that doesn’t mean she’s taking any extended intermissions. This December, Emiliana is releasing a new album together with The Colorist Orchestrawith a number of live records lined up along the way.

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