A Solid Foundation


As a professional architect and the founder of the Polish-American Fashion Foundation (PAFF), Alexandra Borowczak knows how important a solid foundation (in all senses of the word) is in order to build success. Days away from the inaugural PAFF fashion show that will introduce 3 top Polish designers to the global fashion scene, Alexandra has been quite busy, to say the least. Though even when she’s not hard at work, getting ready to present Polish fashion to the world, Alexandra is still focused on pretty women – only this time, it’s with Richard Gere on her TV screen.

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Founder & President: Alexandra Borowczak


Alexandra Borowczak

Founder & President: Polish-American Fashion Foundation

Locations: Warsaw, Poland & New York, NY


Architect Alexandra Borowczak is not only building doors literally, she’s also opening doors – for talented designers. As the founder and president of the Polish-American Fashion Foundation (PAFF), her background as an architect has evolved into creating a platform for Polish fashion designers to showcase their talents in the international stage.


As the eyes of the fashion world once again turn to New York for fashion week, PAFF is stepping into the spotlight. Officially on the CFDA calendar, the organization is hosting their inaugural fashion show, featuring the Spring/Summer 2016 collections of 3 top Polish designers, Paprocki & Brzozowski, Viola Spiechowicz and MIA. Driven by passion and her belief in the talent of Polish fashion designers, Alexandra has created the ideal runway for Polish fashion to take off.

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