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A love for building brands has seen London-born Taymoor Atighetchi launch The Taba digital news platform, followed by the creation of  Papier, a one of a kind fine stationery brand. Though you could say that he’s got his entrepreneurial hands constantly full, Taymoor’s ideal weekends include indulging in a good balance of food, art and time spent with friends.

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CEO & Founder: Taymoor Atighetchi



Taymoor Atighetchi

CEO & Founder, Papier

Co-Founder, The Tab

Location: London, U.K.


In the world of print versus digital, British-Iranian Taymoor Atighetchi has been leaving his mark in both spheres. Taymoor co-founded The Taba youth news platform, at Cambridge University in 2009. The digital publication has served as a career launchpad for many young journalists and has since expanded to over 100 universities in the U.K., U.S. and Canada.


Taymoor took his love of building brands a step further when he launched Papier in 2015, merging one a kind designs with quality printing and premium paper. As inboxes fill and delayed responses proliferate, Papier aims to encourage individuals to connect with each other less digitally and more thoughtfully, with the brand’s collection of cards and invitations. Combining his love for tech, art and design, Taymoor’s on a mission to deliver beautifully designed personalized products on-demand.

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Tank Up


As the CEO of Tank, which encompasses Tank Magazine, Because Magazine and Tank Formgetting on and off a plane, traveling from one city to the next, is practically part of Caroline Issa’s job description. Between international fashion weeks, collection launches and countless other special events, Caroline is constantly on the go. When she’s not jetting off to the next destination, she refuels and recharges in her favourite place in the world – in her London flat, preferably with breakfast in bed.

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CEO & Fashion Director: Caroline Issa


Caroline Issa

CEO & Fashion Director, Tank – Tank Magazine, Because Magazine, Tank Form

Location: London, U.K.


The consummate creative entrepreneur (since before it was even on trend to be one) Caroline Issa has described herself as a businesswoman who loves fashion. A graduate of Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania, she certainly has the business chops. After working as a Management Consultant, Caroline made the switch as a publishing entrepreneur and never looked back.


Having lived everywhere from Seattle, to Texas, to Singapore, Caroline now calls London home though she’s certainly ubiquitous in the international fashion circuit. As the CEO of Tank, she oversees Tank Magazine, Because Magazine and Tank Forma creative agency working with retail and fashion clients on marketing and content strategies. A favourite among fashion photographers who frequently capture her street style, not only has she fronted campaigns for J.Crew and Monique Péan, her personal fashion sense has led to collaborations with L.K. Bennettwhere she designed a capsule collection of footwear, and her current Nordstrom Signature and Caroline Issa collection.

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