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Award-winning photographer Andrea Hamilton has a camera for a microphone. It’s through her photographs that she’s able to communicate poetic notions and question subjects like climate change and personal identity.


When she’s not conveying her own poetry through her photographs and capturing moments in time, you’ll find Andrea everywhere – from the dance floor of a Scottish castle, to a yoga retreat in South Africa or maybe even jumping off a plane. Andrea is traveling the world and not only capturing life, she’s seizing it.

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Photographer: Andrea Hamilton


Andrea Hamilton


Locations: London, U.K. & Vero Beach, FL


It’s been said that a photograph is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world. If that’s the case, then for award-winning photographer Andrea Hamilton, who has lived and traveled all over the world her entire life, it’s certainly her mother tongue.


Born in Peru, Andrea spent her early years in the vibrant Latin American culture before moving to Minneapolis in her teens. Though spending much of her youth in a dark room, studying photography and even earning a scholarship from the Italian consulate, it was a law degree that she decided to pursue. After graduating from Oxford and earning a Masters of Law from New York University, Andrea began her career as an Equity Analyst in Latin American Mining. While reconnecting with her Latin American roots, Andrea also rediscovered her love for photography, studied and developed her skills in studio and digital techniques.


While Andrea decided to leave the world of investment banking to focus on her growing family, it was her mother’s premature death that convinced her to focus on her career as an artist. Her work encompasses several photographic genres including portraiture, street photography and landscape, while questioning subjects as varied as climate change, identity or place. For Andrea, taking photographs is her form of poetry, a sort of language that comes from within – and nothing brings her greater joy than when her dialogue moves people.


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