Hear and Now


Having gone almost completely deaf over the course of 20 years, scriptwriter and performer Sophie Woolley thought she would never be able to hear again. Thanks to the wonders of cochlear implant surgery, 2 years ago, she regained her hearing.


Since then, Sophie has been re-experiencing the world and with a new super power to boot – secretly listening to music directly through the microchip in her skull. These days she’s not just performing and writing scripts, she’s creating her own soundtrack to her life.

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Scriptwriter & Performer: Sophie Woolley


Sophie Woolley

Scriptwriter & Performer

Locations: London, U.K. & Cape Town, South Africa


Imagine being a professional scriptwriter and having great difficulty hearing the actors performing the very lines you came up with. Over the course of 20 years, scriptwriter and performer Sophie Woolley overcame many challenges brought about by her progressive hearing loss. The professional challenges were just the tip of the iceberg. If anything, drama and comedy were the outlets where Sophie knew what people were saying because they were scripted. When it came to her own personal life, it was a whole other story that she didn’t have any of the lines to. Despite all the obstacles, Sophie never let her hearing loss deter her from building her own dream life, where she has the freedom to create her own work, deaf or not.


Just 2 years ago, Sophie switched back on. Surgery and cochlear implants have helped her regain her hearing. After 20 years of communication struggles, moments of self-isolation, feelings of social exclusion and losing herself amidst all the babble, Sophie has been taking on her biggest, most important role yet – that of being herself and reconnecting with people.

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The Big Picture


2.3 Billion – that’s the number of lives Marlon Parker is working towards making a positive impact on. It’s certainly no easy feat but with his social enterprise, RLabs, he’s made great strides in achieving just that. While he focuses on the big picture, he’s also got his eyes on the big screen – find out how Marlon likes to unwind.

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Into the Wild


Private safari guide, photographer and conservationist, James Suter, has devoted his career to not only capturing the beauty of the African wilderness, but to conserving it and providing an exciting, educational experience along the way. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have workdays that involve hanging out with lions and silverback gorillas. Find out how James enjoys his downtime (when he’s not on his motorcycle riding away from a lion that’s hot on his heels.)

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