Red Pill, Blue Pill, Chill Pill


As an actor and producer, Rachel Blackman has a love for devising creative ways to turn chaos into art. Art, she believes, can help in the world’s yearning for what is honest and direct. Having starred in The Matrix, it’s unsurprising that Rachel is drawn to exploring human truths, notions of freedom and experiences of connection through her creative outlets – between Morpheus’ red and blue pills, she clearly would have chosen the red pill. But when it comes to her chill pill, for this Australian living in the UK, being in the sun is her chosen escape from the artistic chaos.

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Actor & Producer: Rachel Blackman



Rachel Blackman

Actor, Writer, Theater Producer

Founder & Artistic Director, Stillpoint

Location: Brighton, U.K.


Performance has always been a part of actress Rachel Blackman’s life. Trained in Australia, where she began her acting career, she now pursues her passion in the U.K. While she’s been in such pop-cultural phenomenons as The Matrix and Weeds, for the actress, there’s nothing like the communal experience of live performance.


Rachel produces her own original performance work through Stillpoint, the theater production company she founded. As the award-winning company’s artistic director, she brings together artists to collaborate on projects that explore and embrace human realities, connection and freedom.

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Playful and Punk


Age of Reason is a British luxury print label that’s playful with a punk twist – not unlike its founder and designer, Ali Mapletoft. Designed entirely by Ali, Age of Reason prints reflect her vibrant creative life – from her early years in Africa to the grunge streets of London, when she moved in the 90’s, to the current international street style that she sees in her travels.


Ali’s philosophy is to take life as it comes. The philosophy has served her well, as proven by the amazing life she’s led thus far and as reflected in her designs.

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Founder & Designer: Ali Mapletoft


Ali Mapletoft

Founder & Designer, Age of Reason

Locations: London & Brighton, U.K.


Ali Mapletoft, with her luxury print label, Age of Reason, is part of the new generation in UK fashion production that promotes business transparency and ethical production. Age of Reason prides itself on making beautiful scarves, clothing and lifestyle accessories using fine materials and craftsmanship, designed by Ali and printed in the UK.


Ali has also started The Pin House, a social enterprise fashion production studio, together with her label’s seamstress, Nicola Carr. Between Ali and Nicola, the future of UK fashion production is definitely looking as bright and vibrant as the prints they create.

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