Sharing (and Shopping) is Caring


Andrea Kolb has brought together modern designers and traditional artisans, creating a means for them to share and exchange knowledge, ideas and skills, giving a whole new life to design and production. Furthermore, her Abury Collection has quite literally made shopping guilt free. For every product the company sells, the same number of production hours is given back to the artisan’s community in education hours. After a busy week between her work with Abury Collection and Abury Design Exchange, when the weekend comes, the only thing Andrea thinks of sharing is a home-cooked meal with her boyfriend.

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Founder & CEO: Andrea Kolb


Andrea Kolb

Founder & CEO, Abury Collection

Location: Berlin, Germany


Andrea Kolb founded the Abury Collection after an inspiring trip to Marrakesh that compelled her to find a way to preserve the artistry, skills and passion of local craftsmen that seemed to be losing relevance amidst the growing prevalence of fast fashion and consumerism.


Abury Collection brings together exciting designers with traditional artisans from remote, inspiring cultures. The exchange of knowledge between the old and traditional with the new and cutting edge creates a new context, giving crafts a new life, and injecting design with an emotional component that’s been missing in recent times. Abury Collection goes beyond this dual relationship by caring for the whole supply chain, supporting the village communities, bringing in work opportunities and preserving traditions. On top of this, Andrea and her team give back the same number of production hours in education hours to the communities, for every product sold.


Andrea didn’t stop there. To find the best designers in the world, she and her team created the Abury Design Experience (ADEx) – the first global accessories design contest that offers designers the opportunity to go to a culture and work with traditional artisans for up to 3 months.

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