Global Humanitarian: Alisa Swidler


Alisa Swidler

Global Humanitarian

Location: London, U.K.


It’s quite a challenge to figure out where to even begin to describe Alisa Swidler – global humanitarian, leading advocate and philanthropist, trustee of various foundations, executive film producer, magazine editor, international brand ambassador and in case all that’s not enough, she’s a mother to five wonderful children.


As a Contributing Editor for Town & Country magazine, she writes a weekly column, The A List, which is a global compendium of everything – from the best charity gala to a new art opening in LA to the best make up artist in London. She is on the boards of the Royal Albert Hall, the global artisan group Nest and The Zeitz Foundation in Kenya. She also serves as a Trustee on The Mayors Fund for London and as a Brand Ambassador for Amanda Wakeley, Lucy Annabella Organics, Positive Luxury, and Song Saa private island in Cambodia.


Over the past few years, Alisa has partnered with Sir Paul McCartney, Charlize Theron and with the foundations of President Bill Clinton and Sir Richard Branson. She’s served as an advisor for One World Futbol, The British Red Cross, the I Am Eco Warrior Project, and the Czech Royal Family, again, just to name a few. She even executive produced the film Food Chains about migrant farm workers with Eva Longoria.


Alisa actually walks the talk – she doesn’t just genuinely feel that it’s important to do what we can to make the world a better place, she’s actually doing something about it. In fact, she’s doing a whole lot of somethings.

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An Apple a Day


Hanna Choa Yu is the United Nations. Chinese by descent, Canadian by citizenship, raised in the Philippines, educated in Scotland and now working in New York, Hanna’s day job as a U.N. Adviser is definitely fitting. With the Big Apple as her current playground, Hanna has fallen in love with the city and has taken to exploring every inch of it.

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U.N. Adviser: Hanna Choa Yu


Hanna Choa Yu

Security Council Adviser for the Philippine Delegation to the United Nations

Location: New York, NY


You could say that Security Council Adviser Hanna Choa Yu knows a thing or two about the art of diplomacy and foreign negotiations. Walking into (translate: crashing) the birthday party of the former Philippine Ambassador to the United Nations, she not only handed the ambassador her resume and asked him for a job, she actually came away with one! Four years later, she’s still working her dream job, covering issues concerning international peace and security.

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