School’s Out founder, Henry Motte Muñoz, has created a social enterprise that is linking students with essential educational opportunities, instrumental in helping them realize their professional aspirations. Class is always in session for Henry, whose days are busy with the constant demands of start-up life. When he’s able to take a break, you’ll most likely find him along the shores of one of the beautiful beaches in the Philippines.

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Founder: Henry Motte-Muñoz


Henry Motte-Muñoz


Location: Makati, Philippines


Motivated by the knowledge that Filipino students lack access to vital information and opportunities to help them make the right decisions towards their chosen career path, Henry Motte-Muñoz founded Edukasyon.phThe organization has created a network of students, parents, high schools and universities, providing educational opportunities and scholarships to those who would otherwise have limited access to them. One of Forbes 30 Under 30 in Asia, Henry has turned what was initially a Harvard Business School proposal into a full fledged social enterprise that’s opening doors for generations of students.

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Eye Saw That


Derived from the Sanskrit word karma and the French joie, Kirsten Iversen and her husband have built the eyewear brand Karmoie, which embodies exactly that – joy and good karma. The Karmoie customer enjoys a beautiful pair of eyewear along with the knowledge that his or her purchase is providing a person in need with corrective glasses.


When she’s not busy designing, building her brand or planning donation trips, find out what gives Kirsten her own personal joie.

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Co-founder & Designer: Kirsten Iversen


Kirsten Iversen

Co-founder & Designer, Karmoie

Location: Oslo, Norway


It’s not often that a doctor leaves the medical field and enters the world of fashion but that’s exactly what Karmoie co-founder and designer, Kirsten Iversen, did. With a genuine love for eyewear and an awareness of the lack of access to refractive correction in developing countries, Kirsten, together with her husband Lars, founded Karmoie based on the buy one, give one retail model. For every pair of frames sold, a pair of corrective glasses or eyejusters is given to a person in need. Since founding Karmoie Kirsten and Lars have provided eyejusters to communities around Africa and Fiji together with local organizations.


Karmoie doesn’t just make you look good, it makes you feel good. While treating yourself to a beautiful new pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses, you’re also providing a person in need with the gift of sight. This is precisely what drives Kirsten to create exquisite, uncompromising eyewear that contributes to helping people in need.

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