Red Pill, Blue Pill, Chill Pill


As an actor and producer, Rachel Blackman has a love for devising creative ways to turn chaos into art. Art, she believes, can help in the world’s yearning for what is honest and direct. Having starred in The Matrix, it’s unsurprising that Rachel is drawn to exploring human truths, notions of freedom and experiences of connection through her creative outlets – between Morpheus’ red and blue pills, she clearly would have chosen the red pill. But when it comes to her chill pill, for this Australian living in the UK, being in the sun is her chosen escape from the artistic chaos.




Your chill pill

Being in the sun (I’m an Australian living in the UK). Being near fire. Being in water. Meditation.



The ultimate weekend

Hanging with my partner. He is one of the most spacious, relaxed human beings on the planet. So anywhere with him, really.





Your favorite place in the world




Pick your poisons

Drink: Mezcal

Food: Mangoes





On repeat

The Four Tet remix of the Melody Day song by Caribou



The most recent thing you added and / or checked off your bucket list

Checked off: Visited Goa





Face your fears

Tried stand up comedy. Got my drivers license at aged 39.



#TBT to the first memory that comes to mind when you think of a crazy weekend

Being at Benicassim Festival in Spain with some friends from the music industry about fifteen years ago. Getting lost. Losing my boyfriend, my bag and almost missing my flight home… Ahem.





One person you wish would follow you on social media

I’m not on social media much but I would one day love to meet British film maker Steve McQueen.



Here for a good time, not for a long time – What’s your guilty pleasure?

Musicals. I know all the words to every sone in Jesus Christ Superstar. (Oh man, did I really just confess that?!)



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All images courtesy of Rachel Blackman and Stillpoint.

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