CEO & Founder: Taymoor Atighetchi



Taymoor Atighetchi

CEO & Founder, Papier

Co-Founder, The Tab

Location: London, U.K.


In the world of print versus digital, British-Iranian Taymoor Atighetchi has been leaving his mark in both spheres. Taymoor co-founded The Taba youth news platform, at Cambridge University in 2009. The digital publication has served as a career launchpad for many young journalists and has since expanded to over 100 universities in the U.K., U.S. and Canada.


Taymoor took his love of building brands a step further when he launched Papier in 2015, merging one a kind designs with quality printing and premium paper. As inboxes fill and delayed responses proliferate, Papier aims to encourage individuals to connect with each other less digitally and more thoughtfully, with the brand’s collection of cards and invitations. Combining his love for tech, art and design, Taymoor’s on a mission to deliver beautifully designed personalized products on-demand.





What keeps you busy?

Selling the vision every day. Annoying the team with random ideas (1 in 10 make it through). Speaking to customers (I answer at least 1 customer support call each day). Working with our suppliers to ensure every customer order goes out on time. Meeting with designers, illustrators and artists to plan future collaborations.





From the early days to what’s currently on your plate

It started with me and the tech guys in a shared office space – one table, three chairs, building Papier from scratch. We launched Papier fine stationery in 2015 – a collection of embossed invitations and correspondence cards that can be personalized online. I love the idea of using technology to support traditional crafts like engraving.


We are about to launch our collection with the Victoria and Albert Museum – it’s a perfect marriage between art, history, design and tech. I used to study in the V&A library and have so many memories there so launching this collection feels like a very special moment!





The rhyme or reason

I love working with, and supporting, great artists and designers. They’re so often the unsung heroes behind what makes our lives less pedestrian and more… beautiful.


I love building brands that connect with people. There’s no greater buzz than seeing your products in the real world. What starts as a vision ends up in the hands of thousands of people, every day.





One day, I’ll look back and laugh at this…

Delivering customer orders on foot just before Christmas… they were late and we missed the last Royal Mail delivery van at the factory!


The biggest challenge is not to let the brand and the business take over your life… to ensure you’re spending enough time looking after yourself, your friends and your family. It’s a cliché but you really do give your heart and soul when building a business. Maintaining perspective is something you have to consciously do every day.





When the going gets tough…

I remind myself that it’s not forever and soon enough I’ll look back and laugh. That I’ll come out of it stronger, wiser and more experienced. Finally, to constantly remind myself to put everything in perspective.



Full speed ahead

More products, more geographies and more people! Our vision is to make design more personal – so we have our work cut out for us. Ultimately, I want Papier to be a global household name that is synonymous with design, quality and personalization.





The moments that make it all worth it

Getting an email from a customer telling us we’ve made their day. One customer turned up at our offices with a bottle of champagne to thank us for our help supplying his wedding stationery.



#Hero / #Heroine

#Hero: Pablo Picasso

#Heroine: My mum – she still beats me at tennis every time.





Words to Live By

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

And (embarassingly), the Nike slogan: “Just do it”



The Dream

Owning a small trattoria in Tuscany where I can host friends all throughout the year and have limitless supply of fantastic Italian food and wine.



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